Specialized in Sworn Translations

Legal help

As a result of our many years of experience as translators in the legal sector, our foreign clients often ask us legal questions.

With the arrival of migrant workers, this demand has only increased, which is why we have decided to work with a permanent lawyer and a law firm.

Examples of matters for which you can approach us and where we can help you are:

  • writing objections
  • calling authorities to provide clarity in certain situations
  • call authorities to make an appointment
  • call to make a payment arrangement
  • mediate in disputes related to the rent of your home, labor dispute, etc.
  • act as an authorized representative during a hearing while you are simply at work
  • advise and provide information on various legal topics

We like to keep these services simple, transparent and affordable.

Call to make an appointment. Actions shorter than 15 minutes are free of charge. The rest will be discussed with you in advance and made known.

Find your juridical specialists on the page of our partner LEGALISTA