Specialized in Sworn Translations


Below is a list of the services we offer

  • Translation services (written, sworn translations of all your documents)
  • Legalization procedure (legalization of your documents at the court, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and/or embassies)
  • Notarial authorizations (drawing up, translating and legalizing your "power of authorney")
  • Affordably send and receive your documents from abroad through our established partnership with FedEx
  • New in our offer: Legal assistance (our regular in-house lawyer who can provide assistance with objections, complaints, defence, etc.) For more legal help ask our partner LEGALISTA
  • New in our offer: assistance with short-stay visa applications in the Netherlands
  • New in our offer: IND applications for residence with an EU partner, residence with an EU child, MVV application for a foreign partner, etc.